20-Channel RFID Elevator Access Control System for Lift or Locker


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20-Channel RFID Elevator Access Control System for Lift or Locker



  • Intelligent Access Control Device in Elevator Interior: The device is installed in the cab panel. Each elevator needs a reader. Then it has dual functions: single charge and access control. There are a variety of products which can satisfy various needs of different customers.
  • Card Device: Users insert the card in the card-reading zone which is in the elevator operation panel. Thus, you needn’t consider the distance while reading the card and can activate the elevator exactly the way you want. The card zone is small and takes up less room. You needn’t consider the used room of the elevator operation panel, and you can easily realize the advantages of the card system.
  • Password/ Fingerprint Device: The Fingerprint elevator management system is specially used for the people who want high security requirements. The leaders use fingerprint, the workers use card, and passwords as a backup. Thus, the elevator intelligence has higher improvements.
  • Lift Access Control Management: We usually have ten or more floors in one lift, but you just need one card reader. The system can distinguish the user’s privilege, then take them to the right floor.If the user has multi-floor privilege, when swiping the card, he can choose the floor he want to go this time, and he can not push other floor buttons. If the users are the security and administrator, they can go to any floor they want according to the privilege settings.
  • Cabinet Access Control: When you swiping card, the appoint cabinet will open. The administrator can use PC to open all doors at one time to do some check and manage work. The cleaner can open all the door to do cleaning work after office-time. Some customers do not like card reader, they also can use Biometric instrument like: finger-print readers, face recognition and so on if they have wiegand format.


Main Board:
  • Registration card: 20000
  • Offline storage record number: 100,000
  • Communication: TCP/IP
  • The maximum number of network: No limit
  • Access by Card/ Card + PIN/Finger
  • Every Transaction stored with date & time stamp
  • Input: Wiegand (26bit/34bit) format card reader or other biometric device
  • Board size: 164 x 106 mm
  • Power supply: DC12V
I/O Expansion Board:
  • Using one Main board controller, a maximum of two expansion board
  • Output: 20CH
  • Board size: 219 x 115 mm

What’s elevator access control?

  • Only Authorised people use elevator
  • Secured and safe
  • Faster and easy floor selection with a card
  • Flexibility to move from floor to floor
  • Controls access / use of elevator by time of day and day of week(e.g. No restriction during daytime and controlled usage by night.)
  • All / selected floors can be access controlled
  • Selected floor can be Deactivated during certain hours
  • Simple electrical interface to any elevator
  • Power saving as un-necessary landing calls are avoided
  • Landing A/C optional
  • Suitable for Duplex Elevator Controller


  • The default lift access control 20 floors, if you need to control more than 20 floors, please refer to other item in our store.


  • 1 x Main board
  • 1 x Expansion board
  • 1 x Software CD (Electronic manual on the CD)
  • (Interface of the Software.)

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